Stone Law, P.C. is an intellectual property law firm located in Colts Neck, New Jersey. We offer full service trademark registration and copyright registrations to our clients. Our attorneys have over 30 years of legal experience and would be glad to help you with you intellectual property matter. Whether you have a patent defense case or a trademark search, we are here to help you.

The attorneys at Stone Law, P.C. are licensed to practice in New York and in New Jersey and we offer trademark registrations and copyright registrations nationwide. We offer services on both a flat fee and on an hourly basis, depending on the matter.

At Stone Law, P.C., we understand that you have a busy schedule and we are always willing to schedule consultations outside of office hours, to match your availability. We pride ourselves on our legal technology and offer most of our legal services over the internet using our state of the art online legal services. You can register a trademark or a copyright from the comfort of your home without having to take a trip to our office. You can have as much or as little contact with our attorneys as you would prefer.

We strive to provide the best legal service and believe that to do so our clients should be informed. If a client has a question, we will try our hardest to find the answer. If a client has a problem, we will work to find a solution. The attorneys at Stone Law, P.C. are here to protect you and your property.

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