A copyright is a protection granted by the law for both published and unpublished works. The law which governs copyrights allows you to control and own the things you have worked hard to create. Registering a copyright is a fairly inexpensive form of protection which allows authors to protect their works which can include artwork, books, screenplays, movies, music, lyrics, photos, computer programs, and anything else you can create. Registering a copyright is essential if you are an author of an original work. Registering a copyright grants you exclusive rights to your work. There are several rights which you achieve once you have registered a copyright to your work; they are:

  1. The right to produce copies or reproduction of your work and sell them;
  2. The right to decide where and how your work is distributed;
  3. The right to expand and modify or otherwise adapt your work;
  4. The right to perform or display your work;
  5. The right to sell and license your work;
  6. The right to allow your work to be seen via the internet, television, or to be heard on the radio.

Registration can save you time and money and allow you to maintain control of your work. If your work is registered within three months (90 days) of publication and you find out someone has been infringing on your work, you would be entitled to statutory damages. If you did not register your work within three months (90 days) of publication and you find out someone has been infringing on your work, you may only be eligible for actual damages that you can prove. Statutory damages can be as much as $150,000 per work that has been infringed upon. Actual damages will only reflect what you specifically lost and this is often difficult to prove in a court of law. In addition, if you find out someone is infringing on your work, a copyright registration is required to file a law suit in a federal court. In other words, if you believe your work could be plagiarized or infringed, it is your obligation to yourself to obtain a registration and protect your interests.

Our firm understands how hard you have worked to create your original work, and we understand that how important it is to protect you and your works. Our firm focuses on this practice area and our knowledge and experience can make the process of registering a copyright simple for you. You have worked so hard to create a work, now it is time to let us help you protect it. Visit our Online Copyright Registration webpage and begin the simple process of registering your copyright. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 732-444-6303 and we would be happy to answer any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have.